Three Reasons Why Bundling Life Insurance With Car Insurance Makes Complete Sense

When you think of all of the different types of insurance you can buy, you generally do not lump life insurance together with auto insurance or even with homeowner's insurance for that matter. Yet, insurance agents always urge you to buy these different policies together. While it may make sense to you to bundle auto insurance with homeowner's or renter's insurance, it might seem a little more strange to bundle life insurance with anything else. Here are three reasons why bundling life insurance with auto insurance services and homeowner's or renter's insurance makes complete sense. 

Life Insurance Covers You in an Accidental Death

If you are in a car accident, life insurance pays a large sum of money to your designated family members for your funeral expenses and any other expenses you have. That said, maybe another driver in the same car accident decides to sue your estate and family, even though you have just passed away. The money from your car insurance can cover some expenses, but probably nothing close to what your life insurance can cover. The life insurance is that extra blanket of coverage that will help your family get through this insane lawsuit as well as help provide for their needs and cover monthly mortgage payments and bills. 

Life Insurance Covers You in a Fire or an Explosion

Cars can catch fire and explode. It has happened more than once. When and if it ever happens to you, the car insurance may only cover some of the vehicular losses, and not really the loss of you personally. Some car insurance policies are only the bare minimum of coverage to comply with state laws, in which case the car insurance policy would only cover liability (i.e., damage to other people's property and vehicles in a crash). In this instance, that life insurance policy would mean a world of difference in covering all of the other expenses related to damages, loss, and your passing away in the vehicular fire or explosion. 

The Discount of Combining Insurance Policies Just Makes Sense

The more policies you buy from the same company, the less you spend on various types of insurance. At least, that is how it is typically supposed to work, and how it often does work. If you purchase an auto policy with a life insurance policy with the realization of just how closely tied together these policies really are, you could receive quite a handsome discount from the insurance company. 

Contact local auto insurance services to learn more about discounts they offer for combining policies.