Why You Need Blogger Liability Insurance

If you are a blogger without liability insurance, then you are risking both your blog and your finances. A single liability lawsuit from an aggrieved party can drown you in legal and financial problems. Here are some of the specific reasons you need liability insurance as a blogger.


As a blogger, someone might sue you for publishing a false statement about them. Say you are in a rush to publish a salacious adultery story about a local politician, and in your rush, you don't check your sources as thoroughly as you normally do. If the local politician sues you for libel, your blogger liability coverage can come to your rescue.

Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement refers to the unauthorized use of copyright-protected materials. For example, a photographer may sue you for copyright infringement if you use the photographer's pictures in your blog and it turns out that the photos are copyright-protected. 

Invasion of Privacy

Many bloggers write about other individuals, especially public individuals. Unfortunately, many of the stories that draw in big readers are the same stories that are most likely to trigger an invasion of privacy charges. Invasion of privacy is basically unauthorized intrusion into someone's private information or life. For example, revealing someone's HIV status might trigger an invasion of privacy accusations from the affected party. 

Dangerous Processional Advice

If you give advice to readers of your blogs, then one of them can sue you for giving them bad advice. This is particularly true with professional advice that leads to loss of money. Say you ran a blog that gives financial advice, and a reader loses money in an investment scheme based on your advice. Such a person can accuse you of giving them dangerous professional advice. 

False Advertising 

Many bloggers also use their platforms for advertising their products or other third party products. Such advertisements might trigger false advertising charges, which claim that the advertisement contained misleading or outrightly false claims. For example, citing nonexistent scientific backing for a product can attract false advertising lawsuits.


Lastly, you may also be accused of trespass if, in your zeal to get a scoop on a developing story, you end up gaining unauthorized entry into a property. Say you want to get the dirt on a local manufacturer who has been accused of illegal labor practices. If the manufacturer catches you on their premises without authorization, they can sue you for trespass. 

The above are just a few liability problems bloggers can face. Consult an insurance agent from a company like Cache Valley Insurance Inc to help you asses your risks and come up with the right insurance package for you.