Reducing The Cost Of Insuring Young Drivers

Auto insurance requirements can vary a bit from state to state. However, no matter what state you live in, when the time comes to add your teenage driver to your insurance, you're probably looking at quite a rate increase. So, what can you do to reduce the cost of auto insurance for your young driver? Here, you'll find a few tips that can help.

Get Some Quotes

Starting with your current insurance agency, get some quotes for adding your teenage driver to your policy. Since you have an established policy with the company and a relationship with the agent, you may be able to get a good deal on adding the young driver to the policy. Take that quote and use it to compare the rates that you get from other company quotes.

Consider a Separate Policy

In some cases, it might be cheaper for your teenager to open a policy of their own. This could be due to higher rates charged by different insurance companies on drivers that have had a driver's license for less than three years.

Tip: Make sure that you are comparing identical insurance policies when comparing rates — check that the deductibles and limitations are set to the same amount. If you don't compare identical policies, you could find yourself paying as much or more for a lesser policy.

Take Driver Safety Courses

There are driver safety courses in your area that will help your young driver learn how to safely navigate the roads no matter the weather conditions. If you can get your teenager to attend and complete these courses, he or she will be granted a significant discount on the auto insurance policy. This is because your son or daughter will learn how to handle a car properly in all sorts of situations and be better prepared for anything that may arise while they're out on the roads.

Buy a Safer Car

If the car that your teen will be driving isn't equipped with all of the standard safety features, you're not going to get the discounts on the insurance that you would if your teen was driving a safer vehicle. When it comes to safety, you don't want to skimp — look into reviews and ratings for your vehicle and also for other similar vehicles. Find one that has the best safety ratings and you'll not only feel better about your young one driving but you'll also save a little on the insurance.

Talk with your agent to find out more about reducing the cost of insuring young drivers.