Ready For Winter? How To Protect Your Home From Winter Insurance Claims

With winter fast approaching, it's time to make sure that your home is ready to weather all the storms that may pass through. Without proper winterization, you could be left with significant damage, as well as a possible claim against your homeowner's insurance. Here are four steps you need to take that will protect your home and your insurance policy.

Repair the Roof

If you have roof damage, you need to schedule repairs before winter arrives. Missing or damaged shingles, loose flashing, or other damage could cause your roof to leak this winter. Unfortunately, winter roof leaks can lead to mold growth, and damage to the underlayment on your roof. Before winter arrives, have your roof inspected. If there are damages, have them repaired before the cold weather settles in. You'll save your roof and your insurance.

Keep the Pathways Clear

If you're expecting snow and ice this winter, now's the time to gather your snow removal equipment. You might not realize this, but an accumulation of snow and ice on your driveway and sidewalks do more than slow you down. Those icy pathways can also lead to personal injury claims against your homeowner's insurance, especially if a guest on your property slips and falls. Prevent serious injuries and avoid liability by keeping your pathways clear all winter long.

Prune Your Trees

If you have mature trees anywhere near your home, make sure you have them pruned before winter officially arrives. Falling limbs can destroy your property. In fact, those falling limbs can also cause serious personal injuries to yourself and your guests. Avoid the damage and the risk to personal safety by having your trees pruned before the first winter storm. If you're not sure your trees need to be pruned, schedule an appointment with your landscape company. They'll be able to determine whether or not your trees need to be pruned this year.

Reroute the Rain Gutters

If you're worried about flooding this year, spend some time tending to your gutters. Dirty or improperly routed gutters and downspouts can lead to flooding, which can cause serious damage to your home. The last thing you want is to deal with a flood claim on your home this winter. Before the rains start coming down this winter, clean your gutters and reroute your downspouts so that they drain away from your home.

Don't get stuck with an insurance claim this year. Use the tips provided here to protect your home, your guests, and your insurance policy.