Motorbike Insurance: The Importance Of Using Defensive Driving Techniques

It goes without saying that motorcyclists are more prone to being injured or killed than other vehicle drivers. In fact, in 2014, the number of deaths while riding motorcycles was more than 27 times the number of car drivers and passengers. Whether you are new to riding motorcycles or have been for many years, it is crucial that you drive defensively.

Defensive driving may help you be able to steer clear of accidents on the roadway. Here are a few ways to drive a motorcycle defensively and how doing so can help you save on insurance coverage.  

Always Assume Drivers Don't See You 

It's important to always assume that drivers can't see you, especially since too many people today text and drive or are otherwise distracted. Case in point, an Indiana man died when a woman slammed into his motorcycle and dragged him 100 feet. The police determined that she did not see the man because she was texting while driving when he pulled out in front of her. 

While on highways or other multiple lane roads, try to avoid passing drivers who may be changing lanes. Look ahead and determine if the driver in front of you is closing in on the vehicle ahead of them. If so, they may be about to change lanes, and you may be in their blind spot or they may not have noticed you. 

Constantly Look for Escapes 

It's important to always think ahead when riding a motorcycle. Using the above scenario as an example, pay attention to drivers who are sitting in intersections or parking lot exits waiting for a chance to pull out and into your lane to see if they have made eye contact with your person and motorcycle. If they don't, be prepared to either brake hard or go somewhere safe, either in another lane or along the side of the road.

Also, glance quickly at their tires to see which direction they have pointed their vehicle towards. This can give you an idea of whether they are going straight or going in either direction. Doing this can help you quickly come up with an escape plan in case the driver does pull right out in front of you. 

However, keep in mind that the sides of roads are often hazardous for motorcycles due to excessive gravel and debris. Because of these reasons, it's always important to always be looking ahead for hazards and other drivers who also may not see you. 

Never Lay Down Your Bike 

One thing to definitely try to avoid at all costs is to lay down your motorcycle on purpose. Laying down a motorcycle is one way to avoid an accident, but it's also a way to get run over by the traffic behind you. Of course, laying down a bike can easily be second nature for those who have little experience riding motorcycles defensively. 

Instead, you want it to become second nature to brake and swerve to avoid accidents. Swerving hard is sometimes difficult for beginner motorcyclists, but it can also be difficult for experienced motorcyclists if they don't always have their full attention on the road and other drivers. 

Take Defensive Driving Courses 

It's a good idea for every motorcyclist to take at least one defensive driving course to learn these and other techniques. Most defensive driving courses for motorcyclists offer various courses in different degrees of experience and levels. 

Many insurance companies provide premium rate discounts for motorcyclists who take and complete defensive driving courses. Also, documentation from a defensive driving course can be the proof you need to show your experience, which can help if you do get involved in an accident and the other driver(s) try to say your inexperience caused the accident. Check out sites like for more information.